Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Friendship in San Jose

Marcia and I met 13 years ago, she was best friends with one of my roommates at Caperwray Harbor Bible College on Thetis Island, British Columbia. Travis and I spent our first three days with her family, building a strong friendship. Marcia and Fernando were amazing hosts, serving us delicious, authentic food and teaching us how to say things in Spanish. They live in a small gated community with Fernandos parents, 2 sisters and their families. Having their children grow up in the same yard as their cousins, with the freedom to run around and explore their tropical environment is important to them. Mia is 1.5 years old and attends kindergarten each day. Many families like Marcia's have a maid to help with the children, cooking and housework when the mother is employed. Having this helper allowes 6 month old Andres to be cared for in his own home. Right now it is winter in Costa Rica for two more weeks, this means it rains most afternoons and the temperature is cooler, for them. Marcia and Fernando were so kind and generous towards us and we look forward to having them come visit us in Canada some day. We are grateful for the quality time we shared with our new friends and hope to meet up with them again, later in our trip.
Marcia, Fernando, Andres, Mia and Simba the guard dog

Friday, 24 October 2014

Good bye home and hello Costa Rica

Leaving home was very difficult. Our emotions were high as we said good bye to friends throughout the week and family on our last day. To add to our normal grief of being separated from loved ones for a time, we said goodbye to my dear grandpa, knowing it would be our last time seeing him on earth. Grandpa was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer a week before we left. I can not explain the depth of our sorrow but cling to his last words 'go in my love'. So with little sleep we flew to Costa Rica where we were kindly picked up by my friend from Capernwray Bible College, Marcia. We were given our own house to stay in and treated royally by her family. On our first day she took us to see Volcan Poas which is currently active. These past few days we have caught up on sleep, enjoyed typical Costa Rican food and precious times with our friends Marcia and Fernando.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Gearing up

Our journey begins in 8 hours, it has been a busy, emotional week but we are ready to set foot in Costa Rica tomorrow. Now to throw the gear which we have gathered over the past 10 months into the packs for the final take off.

Monday, 13 October 2014


Three weeks ago the dreams started; getting lost, forgetting important documents, getting separated from my husband, meeting strange people etc., thankfully those have stopped. However, over the past week I have slept even worse, sleep is something I normally do not have a problem with. I've been waking up once or twice a night for about an hour going over my "To Do" list in my mind. Even though my ipad list is sufficient during the day time, in the middle of the night I don't seem to trust it.