Monday, 13 April 2015

Adjustments To Home

All totalled, we were in Central America for just over 4 months, although it easily felt like 8 because of the multitude of experiences crammed into such a short time frame. It was difficult to accept that our trip was over, especially due to the financial restraints the Canada's floundering economy placed on us. However, on our flight home we were truly ready to return to family and loved ones. In a lot of ways it felt like we had finished a long arduous race as the last two weeks in Mexico pushed us to the limit. For the first week we slept, a lot, realizing just how tired we were from the constant travel. Backpacking, although an absolutely incredible experience is not a holiday as we attempted to convey through this blog. It was amazing and frustratingly annoying how many times people inferred that we were on vacation or holidaying and that sparked us to really try to inform people what life is really like while backpacking.

It is shocking how quickly we can get caught back up in the rat race of North American life. For the first while I didn't want to look at pictures or reflect on our trip, still grieving I guess the reality that our long anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed journey came to an end. At the same time we often find ourself smiling and laughing with each other about little memories or things we catch ourself doing such as wanting to speak in Spanish and throwing our toilet paper in the garbage. Then there is the more difficult adjustments, such as the first time we went to Costco and the mall and felt completely out of place and disgusted with our culture of wealth and mass consumerism. Now I look at an item and wonder who made it, who packaged it and are they being paid fairly. Questions I sadly can not answer but internally have my doubts that those on the other end are being treated fairly due to the low price I get to pay. 

On the other hand, home has filled our heart with gratitude, gratitude for the privilege we share in living in such a safe and beautiful country. Gratitude for all the wonderful people in our lives including our new backpacking friends. Gratitude for our soft bed, variety of healthy food at our finger tips, warm showers and the freedom in owning a car. Our first time driving was absolutely exciting and terrifyingly and was in stark contrast to the crowded, loud bus rides, the only form of transportation many of the Central American people know. Being home has also brought challenges, little did we know before we left that employment in our province would become more difficult, something we previously took for granted. Although I am working on being patient and waiting for the right opportunity to come along, it is difficult at times. With such a long gap now since I have been employed it makes me a bit nervous to start again. Even though it would have been easier to have stayed with my previous job I do not regret our decision to leave it all to explore a small piece of Gods amazing earth. With our hearts happy to be home, a piece of us still longs to explore more of the world and I trust our love for backpacking will never leave us. 

Thanks to those of you who have shared with us about your enjoyment of our blog. We were happy to share a bit of our journey with you in this small way. 


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